Fusionate is a thrilling logic game for one or two players. The objective is to conquer all enemy cells on the field of play. The players alternate turns, placing one token — the atoms — into a cell on each turn. A cell explodes whenever it reaches a critical amount of atoms. It then sends it atoms to all neigboring cells and conquers them. By doing this, you can defeat all enemy cells on the board.

Thrilling and Comprehensive Singleplayer-Mode

Learn Fusionate’s basics and try to defeat the challenging computer enemy.

Defy your Friends for the Two-Player-Mode

You should also try the classical Two-Player-Mode of Fusionate to have fun with your friends.

Innovative and simple flat Game Design

Fusionate uses a simple and clean design throughout the game. It helps you to focus on the essentials of the game.

Lots of surprising Combos and Game Achievements

Fusionate features a host of achievements depending on game situations and brilliant moves of the player.

Collect Stars and try to beat the Global Highscores

Try to beat the highscores of other Fusionate players around the globe by collecting stars, obtaining combos and other achievements.

Outstanding Variety of Gaming Elements

Fusionate offers a great variety of gaming elements that lead to a diversifying and challenging course of the game.